Available during Makuru and Djilba Seasons

( July , August and September)

with therapist Lidia Myburgh

Hot Stone Massage

My hot stones are a unique collection of organically-shaped, large and small smooth basalt stones from Hawaii. The presence of several heavy elements such as iron and magnesium in basalt allow the stones to acquire, hold and emanate a consistent heat for long periods of time. These stones can therefore be safely heated and are easily incorporated into massage for either a nourishing deep relaxation or remedial treatment.

The benefits of a Hot Stone treatment  include:

  • Increased vasodilation, blood vessels are widened
  • Increased circulation, increasing blood flow and removal of cellular waste products
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased lymph function
  • Decreased blood pressure, stress, fatigue and tension

As with all massage there are certain contraindications where added heat is not appropriate, and these include:

  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema
  • Heart and lung disorders, cancer
  • Neuropathic conditions , diabetes, shingles
  • Pregnancy

A Hot Stone Massage combines a controlled heat application of the stones with the strokes of massage.  The stones are used as placement for warmth and also as tools that are worked into the muscles for further release and relief. The application of warmth promotes a deeper relaxation, allowing the body to relax and release tightness more easily during any deeper remedial work.

The warm stones give an added dimension of care and nurturing throughout the treatment. They ultimately enhance all the known benefits of massage, and impart a further sense of connection to nature and the ancient ways of healing.

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